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Prospective members are advised to read through the membership category above, download the registration form and apply for the category that best suit their qualification.

Fellow Membership

The Fellow Membership of the Institute is reserved strictly for the founding members and few individuals who have made the Institute proud by way of their constructive and direct useful...

Associate Membership

The Associate Membership of the Institute is awarded to: (a) Candidate who have passed all sections of the professional examinations examinations and have satisfied all other laid down requirements.

Student Membership

Student membership of the Institute is open to anybody who possess any of the following qualifications:

Upgrading to Fellow (FCE)

Associate of ICEN between 8 to 10 years can now upgrade to Fellow Chartered Economist.
For details call any of these Nos: +2348080860650; +2347034727007; +2348166342712; +2348059841802; +2348173876557; +2348030792100; +2347037263793.

Professional Fellowship Doctorate or Honorary Doctor of Philosophy

  • ICEN no longer gives out PFD to individuals but Access Advanced College of Economics (AACE). The College (AACE) now handle the PFD and PhD programes.
  • Check up at Access Advanced College of Economics (Incorporated Private University College) website www.aace.org.ng or call any of these
    Nos. +2348080860650; +2348166342712; +2347037263793
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