betting in 16 in Nigeria

Is Betting Legal For People At The Age Of 16 In Nigeria?

As we know that betting can be done on many things like sports, casino games, machine games, lottery, scratсhcards, and much more but the question is that betting in 16 in Nigeria is possible? If you want to know this question that make sure to stay till the end of the article. You will come to know about different rules and legislations. If you follow that then it can easily lead you to making money on betting in 16 in Nigeria.

Number one thing you need to keep in mind is that gambling rules are made by the UK gambling commission so on the behalf of the government’s department of culture. According to them it is said that there are some limited games only on which gambling can be possible at the age of 16. You will come to know about this later on so if you are interested then stay till the end.

Here are some games you should keep in mind

There are mainly three games so if you are 16 then they are for you. Before discussing them some basic things should be clear of like gambling games are risky so if you want to win money then you need to keep your mind calm all the time. Following are those three games for you-

  • Lottery

This is really the game of luck as in this you need to purchase the lottery ticket and on that you will be going to find the special number. Now keep one thing in mind that you should not place random bets because there is a risk as well as too. You can play it right away on your mobile device which is also easy to play.


  • Scratchcards

You can also place bets on the scratchcards which is easy too now it can also be played online or physically. So if you are interested then go for it without any second thought. You can easily enjoy it but you need to scratch the cards and the results will be based on what’s inside.

  • Football

If you love football then there is nothing better than placing bets on football pools as they are available in loads of quantity. You can do it right by home on your device or you can find the best gambling zone around you.


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